Trying to create a martyr

If the UK Home Office is successful in getting Tommy Robinson killed in prison, I suspect they may be more than a little surprised at the consequences.

U.K. officials have moved political prisoner Tommy Robinson from the safety of Hull prison, where he was serving out a 13-month sentence, to Onley, near Birmingham. The move, which happened on June 12, effectively hurls Robinson into what supporters say is certain death.

Onley, a notoriously violent prison, is overrun by Muslim gangs and has a reputation for riots. A colleague of Robinson told InfoWars Robinson estimated the wing of his new cell was about 70 per cent Muslim.

InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson tweeted inmates were banging on Robinson’s cell all night chanting death threats. According to a press release, Robinson’s family confirms he has received numerous death threats from Muslim inmates who object to Robinson’s critique of radical Islam.

They’ve also reported he is sleeping in an unheated cell that has nothing but a thin mattress. The family believes the abrupt move, which happened without warning, was intended to disrupt a new legal appeal being put together in his defense.

This appears to be war by judiciary. If the UK authorities are willing to go this far – and the death of Kevin Creehan suggests that they may be – the British people are going to have to accept that they have entered glorious times and respond accordingly.