Warning: Alt-Hero backers

Amanda Robb of Rolling Stone and Al Letson of NPR’s Reveal are doing an “investigative report” on Alt★Hero. I have learned that they are now contacting the top backers who are listed on the Freestartr page. I am not talking to them – I previously spoke with Ms Robb concerning a story that was originally supposed to be about Castalia House before NPR got involved – and I would not recommend that anyone else talk to them or even respond to them when they inquire.

Based on their interview with Chuck Dixon, it’s apparent that both the article and the radio piece are going to be generic SJW hit pieces about bad people who think bad thoughts creating bad things that all politically righteous people are morally obliged to ritually condemn and disavow. Which is fine, that has been the standard mainstream narrative about me for the last five years, but I have learned from experience that it’s best not to give them anything they can fold, spindle, and mutilate into a kill quote.

In happier news, Alt★Hero #1 got an excellent review from an industry professional and it is going to be reviewed by a comic media site as well. And I can state with some confidence that the digital edition of Alt★Hero #2 will be out before the end of the month.