Curiouser and curiouser

Things to seem to be rapidly moving towards a critical nexus of some sort. I’d never heard of Kate Spade or Anthony Bourdain, and all I knew about Asia Argento was that she was an actress who claimed to have been Weinsteined at some point, but as Neon Revolt demonstrates, their social media accounts definitely have the distinct stink of severe sulfur to them.

Not only that, but a channer claiming to be a paralegal working on the relevant legal matters asserts that the Hollywood sex cult guy, Keith Raniere, is naming recognizable names as possible persons of interest in the ongoing NXIVM investigation.

Why would a rich, famous, beloved celebrity chef kill himself when he’s about to debut a new show and signed million-dollar contract? Use your brains. Keith Raniere’s lawyers, in order to keep their client out of prison, are starting to rat out the clients who asked for underage girls to the STATE and the FBI!

I’m a paralegal, and I’m not disclosing anything that’s not already going to be public information once charges are filed. Anthony Bourdain would’ve spent life in prison so he chose suicide, but expect other high profile celebrities and politicians to be indicted. His name is still on legal documents, so even with his suicide, the deposition of these documents will prove it.

They are informing anyone (their lawyers) about this who are listed as clients who requested underage prostitution (sex slaves). The FBI is involved in this. These are names rumored in our office so far:

  • Roger Stone
  • the Bronfman sisters
  • Doug Rutnik
  • David Letterman
  • Jerry Seinfeld 
  • Stephen Colbert
  • Seth Meyers
  • Trevor Noah
  • John McCain
  • Joe Biden

Just to name a few…plus, pic related. (Max Levchin and Elon Musk).

We’ll see. The deaths of Spade and Bourdain look a lot less like suicides than murders; I don’t buy these increasingly common “death by doorknob” scenarios for one second. Seeing Colbert, Seinfeld, McCain, and Biden all go down would certainly shake the nation. Regardless, it’s wise to note these claims as they are made so that the future credibility of the source can be determined.