The warriors

It’s rather amusing to see conservatives falling all over themselves to be the first to denounce the reported SWATting of David Hogg. Remember, these are the same people who claim that they will actually shoot and kill police and other lawful authorities should said authorities ever come to disarm them, but they are denouncing a much milder response to someone actively attempting to lay the foundation for those confiscations.

Let me make a prediction: if anyone does violently resist having their guns forcibly confiscated, conservatives will be the very first to denounce that resistance.

Conservatives simply don’t have the backbone to fight for anything. Not their nation, not their guns, not their families, not even their persons. At this point, I tend to doubt they would have the wherewithal to do more than write a wordy complaint citing the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Gettysburg Address to protest being rounded up en masse and sent to concentration camps.