St. George shrugged

I was amused to hear about these two English gentlemen, who simply walked away and left a strong independent woman to fend for herself on the London Underground.

Tamara Cincik, founder and CEO of Fashion Roundtable, attacked on busy Tube. Mother-of-one kicked and threatened by an ‘unwell’ 6ft man as passengers fled. She has slammed two ‘white middle class men’ who left her to defend herself.

The fashion CEO is keen to stress she does not blame this man, who she believes needs medical help but said the incident was ‘terrifying’. Instead she is upset that two men she describes as ‘white and middle class’ chose not to help and moved to another carriage. 

Ms Cincik said: ‘Children were crying and women were crying, it was awful. I wasn’t crying I was in shock. I remain more angry with those white middle class men who left me to it. As fathers, husbands and sons they should be ashamed of themselves.’

Why should they be ashamed? They did nothing of which to be ashamed. She isn’t their daughter, wife, or mother. They had no obligation to risk being injured or having the polish on their shoes scuffed for her. She’s lucky that they didn’t simply sit there and laugh at her, as the younger generation of white men are increasingly inclined to do. Women have spent the last fifty years telling white men that everything is their fault and that they are both unneeded and unwanted. Women broke the socio-sexual contract, which is why many white men quite reasonably feel absolutely no duty to look out for women, children, or anyone else for whom they are not directly responsible.

Of course, African and Asian men never have. Isn’t it wonderful that white women have successfully convinced white men to adopt non-European cultural values! Diversity truly is a wonder.

Given her subsequent reaction, those two men were absolutely right to leave this woman to take her beating. She’s a typical left-wing idiot, blaming the men who had no obligation to her but letting the man who actually attacked her off the hook. Had they done anything, she probably would have screamed at them for hurting the poor, harmless crazy man.

Melinda Gates is another white woman for whom no self-respecting white man will ever lift a finger.

I am specifically looking at funds who over-index on women-led and minority-led businesses. I’m asking a lot of business questions about how they will go about their funding, how they will over-index on women’s businesses, and how they will hold themselves accountable for a great return.

Some of these big firms often believe in the white guy in a hoodie disrupting a whole industry. So we’re going to disrupt it by making sure we’re indexing for women and minorities because they’ve got great ideas.

Many of them think if they have one female at the table, they’ve done their job. Another big one is when they say that they have trouble finding women. Those are just excuses. They don’t know what investing in these areas looks like until they get several women who are partners in their firm.

Meanwhile, her husband’s former company is now an Indian concern, thanks in part to “over-indexing”, which is the approved new pseudonym for “affirmative action”.