The Empire is long gone

But the post-Imperial idiots now running what passes for formerly Great Britain don’t seem to grasp that they are not a major power anymore.

Abramovich was a protege of Vladimir Putin – the most ruthless leader in Russia’s recent history. Indeed, his decision to shelve plans for Chelsea’s new stadium has all the hallmarks of his one-time Kremlin mentor.

It is a warning shot, while in a fit of pique, from a man who feels he has been more than generous to Britain but who feels insulted in return by the British government.

Also, it can be seen as an ominous hint that he is ready to end his links with Chelsea FC altogether and possibly sell the club rather than continue pouring money thanklessly into one of the kingpins in Britain’s national sport.

But Abramovich’s move is far more complex – and menacing. This is not just a hissy-fit by a spoilt Russian oligarch. I am convinced that Abramovich made this decision with the approval and possibly the explicit instructions of Putin.

Given that Abramovich is a Jew and a newly minted Israeli citizen, it’s remotely possible that this one-man anti-British divestment campaign is being directed by Jerusalem instead of Moscow. But regardless of whether it is the Russians or the Israelis who are reacting to the bizarre ill-treatment of their citizen, the point is that the British are again seriously overestimating their importance.

How can we tell if it is the Russians or the Israelis behind this? Simple. If Russian investors withdraw from the UK in masse and crash the City markets, it’s the Russians. Remember, the Russians already know they are going to have to get out of the SWIFT system and join the Chinese alternative at some point. This could be the first sign that this financial migration is actually beginning.

More likely, it’s just the rational response of a man to receiving a very clear message that he is not wanted, so he is quite reasonably opting not to financially support his declared enemies. Would that conservatives did the same!