Darkstream: why no one likes you

I probably should have called this Darkstream “how to be less disagreeable” or something, but regardless, it’s something that unpopular people really need to listen, understand, and apply. So much behavioral unattractiveness is avoidable, it just requires a modicum of self-awareness and self-control.

A really big giveaway is trying to make a issue about the person rather than the issue. If you disagree with someone, do you have a tendency to focus on what the person said and what was wrong about that or do you immediately go to try to question the person’s motivations, you immediately go to try to question the person’s character, you try to discredit the person in the eyes of other people? Those are all gamma behavioural patterns.

There’s a good comment here and this is exactly true. He says, “I notice that they tend to scan for trigger words that they respond emotionally to rather than processing the ideas and then responding to the ideas.” People don’t like this behavior. This is what this is what is so strange about these patterns is that no one likes this behavior. Men don’t like it, women don’t like it, absolutely no one likes to be around it, and no one likes to be subjected to it. And so, you know, if you find that you’re not popular, if you find that people go out of their way to avoid being around you, if they kick you out of their groups online, you know, the chances are very good that your behavior is caught up in in this vicious spiral of negativity. Some of it is directed internally, but a lot of it gets directed at anybody who upsets you or makes you feel bad.

The problem is that other people know about this even if they even if they can’t articulate exactly what your behavior is. They have seen it before in others and they have had bad experiences with others who exhibit those behavioral patterns….

The one thing that I would like to convince you if you are someone that is unpopular, disliked, etc, the one thing that I’d like to convince you more than anything is to understand that everyone sees through all of your little posturing. Okay? The snarky declarations of victory, the redefinitions of defeat and claiming that you actually really won, these are things that are not fooling anyone, you know?

Because, like I said, there aren’t that many fundamental behavioral types and so when you’re doing that kind of crap, then you’re doing something that the other person has seen a hundred times before from other losers like you. So you know, you’re not getting anything past them. Even if they don’t call you out, even if they just roll their eyes and let it go, you shouldn’t think you’re getting away with anything and you’re not fooling anyone, all right? The snarky comments, the posturing, the eye rolling, these are things that people notice and they remember.

UPDATE: Then again, this comment tends to indicate that many unpopular, disagreeable people prefer their negative behavioral patterns to popularity.

I often find that the people who self-identify as alpha and put everyone else down are actually narcissistic sociopaths attempting to justify their anti-social behavior and pretend they’re a much higher status than they actually are. That you admit to looking to your wife for approval before you speak definitely takes you out of the alpha category.
– Jack Burton

I suggest Jack watch the video again. I’m literally talking to him and men like him. By the way, Big Trouble in Little China quotes are also a gamma tell.

In any event, I don’t look to Spacebunny for approval. I look to her because she actually pays attention to the social mood of the gathering and the flow of the conversation, which I don’t always do. This helps me avoid humiliating someone who really doesn’t deserve it or responding to a harmless statement in a manner others are likely to deem awkward or inappropriate.

His audio is never good. His content is never good. His speaking ability is never good. Why does a self-proclaimed genius speak like he has brain damage? He’s stupid, lying or both. Using your podcasts to attack others all the time = gamma of the lowest order.
– Jack Burton

I suggest you look in the mirror because you’re literally talking about yourself and projecting your faults on others. You ARE the nerd, a huge nerd. You don’t just know quotes, you create the quotes. You don’t just visit fantasy worlds, you live in a fantasy world. You make your living writing third-rate fiction to appeal to the same nerds you seem to hate. Your complete lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy is astounding and just shows how deep your narcissism is. The idea that merely quoting a movie or book means you’re gamma is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard and is completely nonsensical. You’re a nerd pretending you’re better than other nerds. It’s really pathetic. You’re a liar and a fraud. I’m not making sarcastic sounds. I’m not indirectly taking shots. I’m telling you directly that you’re full of shit. Something your wife, real or imagined, does a lot I’m sure. 
– Jack Burton

Who lies more, Peterson or “Vox Day?” Who lives in a fantasy world and sells his fantasies to others, Peterson or Vox? Who is a huge nerd but attacks and exploits other nerds? Vox is clearly much more dysfunctional, deceptive, parasitic and negative than Peterson.
– Jack Burton

It’s amusing that the biggest gamma nerd of them all pretends he’s alpha, LMAO. He’s up to his castizo eyeballs in comics and pretends he’s some kind of chad alpha. He’s a short, doughy geek who couldn’t defend himself to save his life. He even admitted he doesn’t respond to people unless his wife gives him permission. Just stand there and hold her purse, you wimp.
– Jack Burton