Announcing Alt-Hero #1: CRACKDOWN… the print edition

From the transcript of the Darkstream: Alt-Hero #1 is now in print!

I’m actually here to talk about something much more interesting and much more exciting in my opinion, and that is something that numerous people claimed was never going to happen. And what that is is the release of Alt★Hero #1 in a print edition no less.

So this is something that’s been a long time in coming. We started working on this back, I think really about a year ago. We didn’t do the we didn’t do the Kickstarter, the Freestartr campaign until I believe it was October, but we were preparing for it before then. And so it’s incredibly satisfying to be able to announce that not only have we printed and published Alt★Hero #1, but it is now actually available for order from Castalia Books Direct. It should be available via Amazon within about a week, and I would guess that within two or three days you can go to your local Barnes & Noble, you can go to your local bookstore and find it.

The one place that you’re not going to be able to find it yet is the comic book stores because we  aven’t started that campaign yet and we’re not going to start that campaign until the first volume of Chuck Dixon’s Avalon is ready to go.

The video also contains an initial look at two related releases that are coming very soon, releases which may be of interest to both European readers and anyone who is studying certain languages. These initial print editions are, as can be seen from the video, gold logo editions which are available from all outlets until they run out. I will make an announcement when that happens.

UPDATE: Issue #1 is now also available on Amazon.