Media: Alex Jones

I’ll be appearing on the Alex Jones Show today at 2:15 Eastern to discuss the ramifications of the Stefan Halper revelations and possibly the #1 New Release in Comics & Graphic Novels, Alt★Hero #1, as well. Should be an interesting conversation.

The YouTube video of my appearance on the show is now up.

And Alex is absolutely right. The Left is panicking over Arkhaven’s flagship series. Consider this informative review from a longtime industry artist who, in addition to being a member of Furry fandom, has worked on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Heavy Metal.

Utter garbage. Been in the comic business 35+ years, and this is trash. But I’m sure your fellow Hitler Youth will eat it up like the gullible nobodies that they are. Absolute hilarity seeing all of these paid 4-5 star posts, pretty much the only ones you’ll get you shills.

Or, you know, maybe those who read it and gave it good reviews simply aren’t particularly interested in having sexual deviancy, SJW politics, globalism, and fat, ugly women with short pink hair being pushed on them every time they open a comic book. Perhaps they prefer a good story and intringuing characters to SJW preaching and cardboard cutouts.