Jordan Peterson is a Nazi monster

Jordan Peterson belatedly learns that even when you metaphorically castrate yourself by publicly sacrificing your intellectual integrity on their behalf, (((some people))) are going to accuse you of being a Nazi hater anti-Semite dog-whistler anyway:

Jordan Peterson is a public intellectual adored by neo-Nazis, white supremacists and conspiracy theorists. The neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer called Peterson, a Canadian psychology professor-turned-self-help-guru, “The Savior of Western Civilization.” Paul Joseph Watson, a prominent conspiracy theorist for Infowars, has tweeted, “Jordan Peterson for Canadian Prime Minister.”

Part of why people on the far right like Peterson is because he is not afraid to talk about the Jews, and he has a lot of people to talk to. Peterson is on a 50-city tour of North America and Europe to promote his best-selling new book, “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.” His YouTube channel has over a million subscribers. He has answered questions about global Jewish influence several times, in person and online. In an April blog post, he attributed that alleged influence to Jewish intelligence —an old anti-Semitic dog whistle.

Yet Peterson rarely speaks about anti-Semitism itself, even though he says he’s been obsessed with the Holocaust since he was a teenager and lectures on it frequently. Critics say this omission may encourage anti-Semitism among Peterson’s followers, who range from avowed neo-Nazis communities like the Daily Stormer to frustrated young men looking for a scapegoat….

Peterson’s willingness to answer questions about “Jewish success” and his interest in IQ literature is “suspicious” said Deborah Lipstadt, a professor of history at Emory University and author of “Denying the Holocaust,” who won a libel case in Britain against prominent Holocaust denier David Irving.

Lipstadt said that Peterson’s statements on Jewish intelligence reminded her of Kevin MacDonald, a professor of psychology who the Southern Poverty Law Center has described as “the neo-Nazi movement’s favorite academic.” MacDonald has written several books criticizing Jewish intellectual culture. (Peterson links to a critique of one of MacDonald’s books at the end of his blog post on Jewish intelligence.) Lipstadt said that MacDonald’s academic language obscures the anti-Semitism behind his opinions. She worries the same is true of Peterson.

I’ll admit it, I laughed. Given that Peterson is a coward at heart, I think we can safely expect him to throw himself down tearfully in the full pharasaical proskynesis in the near future, lest he fall further afoul of anyone who is not any smarter or nepotistic than anyone else and totally doesn’t have any statistically disproportional influence in the media or anywhere else at all.

In the meantime, Herr Peterson has gone full Nazi and is now calling a fine, upstanding Jewish journalist who has never done anything wrong except be a standard deviation more intelligent than the norm “contemptible” and a “pathetic weasel”. It’s truly horrifying to see such naked Jew-hatred on display. I am literally shaking. I do hope someone has duly alerted the ADL and the SPLC.

From the oh-so-ethical pen of @aefeldman : “Jordan Peterson is a public intellectual adored by neo-Nazis, white supremacists and conspiracy theorists.” You pathetic weasel. You had your damn article written before you even talked to me.
– Jordan B Peterson

What, he’d never met the anyone in the media before? They ALWAYS have their articles written before they talk to you. The narrative is set before they contact you and attempt to harvest their kill-quotes. That’s why I don’t bother speaking with the media about myself or my views anymore. They can quote-mine my books, my video transcripts, and my blog just like everyone else.

The most contemptible journalist I ever had the carelessness and naivete to talk with produces the most contemptible piece yet written about me @aefeldman
– Jordan B Peterson

So much hate. Why does Jordan Peterson hate Jews? Why does he dream about future Holocausts? Well, not to worry. He has only to clean his room, stand up straight, and take his pills, then everything will be fine. And while we’re speaking of the Approved Opposition, I note that if you go to Jordan Peterson’s Twitter page without being logged in, you will find other Twitter accounts helpfully suggested to you:

Dave RubinVerified account

Ben ShapiroVerified account

Bret WeinsteinVerified account

Sam HarrisVerified account

Christina SommersVerified account

UPDATE: a rare Darkstream by day on the subject.