Mailvox: the nations of Heaven

A longtime regular concurs with my post on identity and expands the indictment to include all the cuckservatives and Churchians who claim to be opposing the Left on various details while submitting to them on the whole.

You are spot on with your identity post.

What infuriates me isn’t the Left and SJWs trying to obliterate the past, but the cucks and Churchians who go along with it. The stupidist part of the whole thing is that they clearly see all of the old institutions have been destroyed, and most large Evangelical churches are now little more than personality cults surrounding popular pastors, BUT they utterly refuse to follow the logic back to institutions because of racism, identity politics, and their love of losing. I’m convinced they love to lose as it proves their piety and dedication.

The Alt-Right is inevitable because it is literally the only alternative going forward.

The worst of the Churchians are globalists who literally want to destroy nations in their vision of a multi-ethnic Christian ideal. When it’s clear from the Bible that God values nations and even mentions people from all nations in Revelations. Think about this: we will no longer be identified by being married in heaven, but WILL be by nation.

If you are treating your wife as if she is the Holy Mother of God and both your nation and your culture as if it they are things which do not merit your pride, then you are taking a very, very perverse approach to life.