Mailvox: why draw lines?

Some Guy doesn’t understand why I hold certain people to high standards:

Some of us, myself included have a hard time dealing with your very cut throat attitude towards other people when they have crossed a line that you draw in the sand. Sometimes, admittedly because I am not the consummate intellectual that you are, I have a hard time understanding why you draw the lines in places that you do and why you defend those lines so incredibly hard. I understand you desire for the truth and in this, I actually agreed with your position. You mathematically proved that Jordan did not know what he was talking about. 

Allow me to make an analogy. If you are involved with a woman, you might overlook any number of minor transgressions. Maybe she’s a little short with you. Maybe she’s a little too flirtatious with some other man when she’s had too much to drink. Maybe she’s a hugger who hugs everyone and you’re not. You overlook these things. After all, she’s generally been a big positive in your life, even if you know there are some things in her background that might be a little shady.