The dangers of Facebook dating

That is clearly the important lesson women should take from this British woman’s harrowing ordeal:

A British woman held as a sex slave in Italy and raped repeatedly by three men managed to escape after calling her family for help, police say.

The victim, from the north of England, originally met Mamadou Jallow, a migrant from Burkino Faso, on Facebook and travelled with him to Rosarno, south-west Italy. But when she arrived, Jallow, 37, held her against her will, took away her mobile phone and then raped her repeatedly. Two more men, from Mali, also abused her at the house, it has been claimed.

The victim, 39, was only able to escape when she managed to get access to her phone and made a secret call to her family for help. Eventually she escaped through a window and made her way to safety with the help of police.

Jallow had met the woman though Facebook and travelled to Germany to live with him. But she revealed that he was forced to flee the country after knifing a rival during a drugs dispute and they ended up in Italy, local media reports.

Well, at least she can’t say he was boring, right? This is a really irresponsible article, as I think we can all agree that the real danger here is that women might become afraid to date migrants from Burkina Faso. That would be racist and we all know there is nothing worse than that.