The rapier wit of Ben Shapiro

If you don’t grasp that Little Benny is being propped up by the so-called “conservative media” yet, you’re not paying attention. 

‘GFY’! Ben Shapiro brutally DROPS blue-check blaming him and other Rightists for mosque shooting

And what was this brutal DROP?

Ben Shapiro@benshapiro
 The shooter is a deranged POS who should burn in hell. If you think I’m responsible for his evil, GFY.  

Brutal is one way to describe it, I suppose, if you’re a sixth-grade girl. Remember, this is supposed to be the whip smart and witty aspect of the conservative media.

Russell Kirk wept.

UPDATE: Amazing! The Littlest Chickenhawk has done it again!

‘Racist bully’ Ben Shapiro has perfect answer for woman who told him, ‘Don’t ever have kids’

Ben Shapiro@benshapiro
 Sorry, already have two, including a 4-year-old daughter I will raise to believe she is capable of anything rather than a victim in the least sexist society in world history

Wow! I mean, just, WOW! That is just WHIP SMART stuff, man! Perfect answer! Just perfect!

They really should have named it Cringy.