God bless the GOP

Reince Priebus is determined to return the Washington Generals Republican Party to its more customary role of permanent defeat and retreat:

Priebus acknowledged Trump is, in some ways, not like any other Republican president. Trump is “extremely unique” in his personal style, Priebus said, and his campaign themes refocused the Republican Party on a populist message…. “I think post-Trump, the party returns to its traditional role and its traditional platform. It’s a Trump brand and he owns it and he has a way of protecting it,” Priebus said.

He’s proud to be a Republican because at least he knows he’ll lose.
He’ll surrender to the Democrats and he’ll defend the right to choose.
He’ll gladly stand up next to you and give up your liberty.
Cause there ain’t no doubt he loves to lose, God bless the GOP!