The pedowall cracks

I suspect there is more than “creative differences” behind this unexpected parting of the ways:

Nickelodeon and prolific TV producer Dan Schneider have opted to end their longtime partnership.

“Following many conversations together about next directions and future opportunities, Nickelodeon and our longtime creative partner Dan Schneider/Schneider’s Bakery have agreed to not extend the current deal,” the Viacom-owned cable network said Monday in a statement. “Since several Schneider’s Bakery projects are wrapping up, both sides agreed that this is a natural time for Nickelodeon and Schneider’s Bakery to pursue other opportunities and projects.”

Translation: someone is about to get Weinsteined and DisneyViacom is proactively attempting to create distance in order to protect its other orientationally-challenged creators.

UPDATE: Some details are beginning to come out. Apparently the three young actresses coming forward do NOT include Amanda Bynes or Jamie Lynn Spears, the two most obvious names considering the identity of the alleged abuser. More details on the WereNotSorry video, which explains the way in which the Hollywood media acts as quasi-defense attorneys for the Hollywood values creeps.

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