Tell me more about how you don’t see color

Because these fine, upstanding young American men obviously do. Watch this video. Watch it from beginning to end. And then try to tell me, with a straight face, that you still believe that white people and vibrants can live together peacefully and productively in the same society.

Think about how many of these incidents were filmed. And then think about what a very small fraction of the total that they represent. Notice too how the majority of victims were female, the very white women who are always desperate to assert their non-racism, as if that does them any good.

And here is a challenge to all the cucks and conservatives who love to pontificate about the fine Negroes whose race they totally don’t notice despite the fact that they inexplicably manage to point out these wonderful individuals who just happen to be of African descent: what would your reaction be if that was your daughter being beaten half-to-death by someone whose race you can’t even see, for no reason that you can discern?

Be honest. Do you still believe diversity is our strength? Do you still believe in racial equality?

UPDATE: What’s that? 50 comments and not a single “I don’t see color” pose? Not a single Churchian babbling about how there is neither male nor female, neither Jew nor Gentile, neither black nor white, in the fallen world? Not a single “it’s just the legacy of slavery” rationalization?

Come now, equalitarians and blank slatists and conservatives who would just love to vote for a fine black candidate like Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, or Ben Carson, won’t you defend these unjustly maligned individuals who are merely misunderstood and not at all representative of their people?

Or were you always just lying all along?