From the chans

I cannot verify any of this. I am merely passing it along from one of my sources.

The President signed the bill because the military needed to be funded. They’re going to have some big jobs this year: war with Iran, rounding up most of the Obama administration to stand trial in front of military tribunals, and keeping domestic order when the roundup happens. The midterms are going to be utterly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. That means the roundup will happen before then and the DNC will be struggling with things other than running for office.

My understanding is that the war with Iran will not be direct, but will be more of a massive support operation for the Gulf Cooperation Council. Which means that it is essentially the Israeli-Sunni alliance against the Shi’ites.

I don’t like hearing that, not one little bit, but another Gulf war would be immensely preferable to the war with Russia that the neocons have recently been pushing. Of course, given the Russo-Iranian alliance, it could easily expand into that.

Anyhow, as always, we will see what we will see.