Alt-Retard is not of the Right

didnothingwrong whines that we exclude the Fake Right from those who will not be left behind:

Except if they’re alt-retards! Their economic views exclude them from any such consideration!

The Alt-Retards are not on our side. They are not our allies. They are our self-appointed enemies, by their positions, by their admissions and by their long and documented history of attacks on us.

It isn’t merely their economic views that justify their exclusion and our lack of support for them when their fellow lefties burn them. They are of the political Left in literally every way. They support the EU. They oppose nationalism. They are small-g globalists. They are often anti-Christian.

They are not of the Right and they never have been. That’s why so many of them voted for Obama. Never trust ANYONE who voted for Obama no matter how much they profess to have changed their views; remember, he was twice rated the 10th most left-leaning Senator in the U.S. Senate. No one legitimately on or of the Right would ever have supported him under any circumstances.

The Alt-Retards don’t support us and we will happily leave them behind. Because they are Fake Right.