Debate: National Socialism II

DEBATE: Andrew Anglin vs Vox Day on National Socialism (Saturday 11 am NYC Time)

Listen live here.

So, that was slightly less of a clown show than I expected. Although it was the first debate I’ve seen that the moderator lost. One thing I thought was interesting was the way Anglin did not reveal his Google pageviews. Based on the difference between his pre-prepared statement and his ability to argue from it, I would guess that several people were involved in writing it.

He provided a few informative statements. I don’t recall them all, but I did note these:

  • “Nobody cares about the historical context of left and right.”
  • “Everything that Hitler did served to support the order of nature.”
  • “Liberalism was invented by Jews.”
  • “I have never commented on your blog.”
  • “Everywhere I look, behind every problem I have, I see hook nosed jews.”

In my opinion, the actual debate ended here:

AA: Understanding Right wing is preservation of the natural order through tradition. Left wing is the push for equality to override the natural order.
VD: NSADAP Munich Manifesto, Point 9. All citizens must possess equal rights and duties.

While the meta-debate ended here:

AA: Don’t be Vox Day, Don’t attack people on the same side as you.
VD: We’re not on the same side.

My favorite take: “It’s just bad PR for Vox Day, even if his rant was correct and Hitler was left wing, that has literally nothing to do with Andrew Anglin.”

True enough. I can’t argue with that.