Too low to parent

Speaking of IQ, apparently an average 69 IQ is insufficiently intelligent to care for children in Oregon.

Controversy as Oregon couple are forced to give up their children to social services after they were deemed ‘not intelligent enough’ to care for the babies. Amy Fabbrini, 31, and Eric Ziegler, 38, had both of their children taken into foster care, the youngest right after he was born in the hospital. After taking a required IQ test, Ziegler scored a meager 66 and Fabbrini a 72. The IQ of the average person ranges anywhere from 90-110. Domestic abuse and neglect were not factors in the custody case, but didn’t need to be, according to a report.

This indicates that 15.9 percent of all Black Americans, and 2.6 percent of all White Americans, are not intelligent enough to be permitted to raise children by Oregonian standards. I tend to doubt they were intending to establish that principle, but that’s what the bell curve dictates.