DO WE NEED GOD now in audiobook

To know how to live, do we need God and religion, or does religion only produce wars, hatred, intolerance, and unhappiness? Does giving up God mean giving up morality, or can we finally live a peaceful and fulfilling life as atheists by following science and reason instead

Anthropologist Christopher Hallpike has spent a lifetime’s research on the morality and religion of different cultures around the world and shows that trying to base a moral life on atheism and science actually has some very nasty surprises in store for us.

Narrated by Jon Mollison. 7 hours and 27 minutes.

From the reviews:

  • This book is a tremendous overview and discussion of one of the most important philosophical questions there are. It covers not only philosophy, but history, religion, anthropology, and biology in a broad-ranging discussion of the various aspects of the question. I learned a lot by reading it.
  • Hallpike delivers here an intellectually rigorous work that shows how common atheist strains of thought such as the meaninglessness of the universe and the denial of free will do not justify any of western atheists’ professed liberal beliefs, even when such beliefs are otherwise worthy.
  • A remarkably fresh take on an old question. Hallpike brings his years of experience as an anthropologist to the bigger questions of what religion is, and how only some kind of religious-based metaphysic can really one to speak meaningfully of “good”, “evil”, and “morality”.
  • A valuable, learned and intelligent contribution to the debate about God, coming to the matter from an unusual but productive base discipline. 
  • Probably the best refutation of evolutionary psychology and sociobiological claims about “human nature”. A must read.
I highly, highly recommend DO WE NEED GOD TO BE GOOD? After reading it, I thought so highly of it that we arranged to buy the rights to the book from its original publisher. If you are a fan of either The Irrational Atheist or On the Existence of Gods, you really should either read or listen to this book. There is a reason that both Stickwick and I have become fans of Dr. Hallpike.