A conversation with the ADL

I had an interesting conversation with Mr. Marvin Nathan of the Anti-Defamation League this morning. He was genuinely curious about my connection with the Alt-Right, and I explained to him that while I am certainly of the Alt-Right, it is a much broader political philosophy than the mainstream media has generally attempted to portray it, and that the narrative being pushed by his organization’s “hit list” of 36 Alt-Right and Alt Lite individuals was not merely a false narrative, but one that was very easily proven to be false.

I explained that I wanted a public retraction for both me and the others falsely accused, and that while I take no personal offense at their overheated rhetoric, I saw no benefit to the ADL of engaging in rhetorical conflict with all of the falsely accused individuals. On his part, he agreed to take a detailed look into the matter, which at this point is really all that one can ask of an executive who was quite clearly not involved in the writing and publication of the article in question.

I don’t know if Mr. Nathan will rectify matters or not, but as it is often noted, I am a kind and patient man who believes it is always best to give diplomacy a chance. (I can hear the VFM howling “NOOOOOO” even as I type this.) And if, for whatever reason, the ADL elects to double down on its false narrative instead of retracting it, well, we can always bring the noise at our leisure.