HITLER IN HELL by Martin van Creveld

Dr. Martin van Creveld is a military historian who is a major contributor to the literature of war. Professor Emeritus at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Dr. van Creveld is one of the world’s leading writers on military history and strategy, with a special interest in the future of war. He is fluent in Hebrew, German, Dutch, and English, and has authored more than twenty books, including the influential Technology and War: 2000 BC to the Present (1988), The Transformation of War (1991), and The Culture of War (2010). He is known for his development of the concept of “nontrinitarian” warfare and is deeply respected by military officers and professional strategists around the world. Castalia House is extremely pleased to be able to announce his first novel, HITLER IN HELL.

To no one’s surprise, including his own, Adolf Hitler finds himself in Hell after his self-inflicted death, only to discover that it is considerably different than he had ever imagined. And possibly the worst torment awaiting the notorious dog-lover in the afterlife is his post-mortem discovery that all dogs go to Heaven.

With nothing better to do to pass the time, Hitler reflects upon his life in light of the post-World War II world. He is boastful, unrepentant, and absolutely determined to tell his side of the story, set the record straight, and get even with his enemies—both his contemporaries and those who abused his legend since his demise. In Hell, Adolf Hitler is finally free to tell the true story of the Nazi Party, World War II, and the final solution that eventually came to be known as the Holocaust.

HITLER IN HELL is Martin van Creveld’s first novel.  394 pages. DRM-free. Available on Amazon and at Castalia House.

From the reviews:

  • I started the book being able to keep some distance from it, to keep in mind that it was a novel, but in the end it sucked me in, in a can’t look away from the car wreck fashion. It captured the utterly banal, indeed pedantic nature of socialist evil in a stunning fashion that left me with the utterly distasteful feeling of having read something actually written by Hitler.
  • This book by Martin van Creveld is a remarkable work. He manages to get inside the head of Adolph Hitler and present a picture of what his life and legacy must look like to the man considered by many to be the most evil in history…. Sometimes reading it you actually forget that it was not written by Hitler.
  • As a historian van Creveld has perhaps no living equal so it is no surprise that he gets the details right. Van Creveld’s perspective is deep, thoughtful and surprisingly even-handed. His Hitler is still a madman, but he’s far more nuanced and subtle in his mania than we’re used to seeing.

Interestingly enough, Amazon.de is not listing the book, presumably due to the flaming swastika on the cover.