DTTTM: Gavin Mcinnes edition

Gavin McInnes‏ @Gavin_McInnes
I was wrong about @andrewmarantz. He’s a propagandist just like the rest of them. No more talking to liberal media #ProudBoys

They are all. It’s an act. They usually run one of three cons on you:

  1. I’m a big fan.
  2. I just want to give you the chance to tell your side of the story.
  3. Can you educate me on this thing I don’t know about?

They will be your best friend, contacting you multiple times per day and spending hours on the phone with you, right up until the moment they get their kill quote. Then, they’ll quickly vanish and only communicate with you via email, if they even do that. They are very good at this; they do it literally every week, if not every day, to all of the people they want to grind for the media mill.

Don’t talk to the media. No, your clever strategy won’t work. No, recording them won’t make a difference. No, you aren’t a special snowflake who is going to magically transform the ideology of the mainstream media through the sheer power of your presence.


Clever Takes helpfully provides a cartoon reminder in case you’re having trouble remembering why you should not talk to them.