Mailvox: obsessions

BHB wonders why SJWs are always fixated on comparative popularity:

What is with these SJWs and obsession with blog rankings? First Scalzi and now Glyer. The next argument is going to be “the quality of the people who visit my blog are better than yours. The guy at the chinease click farm always calls me sir when I talk to him. No one ever calls me that! I bet your fans never call you sir!”

It’s all a consequence of their need to defend their current Narrative and is an aspect of their discredit-and-disqualify tactic. Comparative site traffic was a weapon that John Scalzi’s fans used to use to try to dismiss the significance of VP back in the 2012-2013 timeframe. They would claim that my criticism was nothing more than envy; “envy” is their standard response they utilize in order to avoid responding substantively to criticism. You see, it doesn’t matter what you say so long as envy causes you to say it.

Of course, once my traffic increased and it came out that Scalzi was exaggerating his traffic by a factor of 5+, they had to switch tactics while maintaining the Narrative. Since their rhetoric is all based on argumentum ad populum, they always need to find a metric, however convoluted, to claim that the numbers are on their side. That is why Donald Trump’s election (and, to a lesser extent, Bernie’s defeat in the Democratic primary) sent them into such disarray; because it is no longer possible for them to pretend that their positions are, in fact, more popular.

I never cared about my site traffic until 2013, when I understood how important it is to the SJWs. Now, of course, I wield it as an effective weapon against them. It absolutely sickens and demoralizes them to know how much bigger the traffic is here than at their own little blogs, or even worse, at the sites of their Narrative directors and role models.

One SJW once posted that the mere fact that I had more than 2,000 Twitter followers made him want to kill himself. I can only imagine how he feels now that I’m closing in on 20,000 on Gab and 30,000 on Twitter.