Blog rankings

Again, I will point out that Alexa is a stupid and unreliable metric that doesn’t even measure traffic. But because I’m one of the few bloggers who is transparent about my traffic – 103,968 Google pageviews here yesterday – we’re forced to resort to it for the purposes of comparison.

Mike Glyer was under the impression that File 770 had a better Alexa ranking than Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Nation.

Let’s look at the current US rankings for a few SF sites.

  • 323,236: File 770
  • 111,092: Monster Hunter Nation
  • 88,956: Castalia House
  • 63,207: Black Gate
  • 45,741: Whatever
  • 20,907: Not a Blog
  • 9,611: Vox Popoli
  • 6,506: Tor
Those are the facts. About the relative positions I would have assumed. I leave it to you to manage their interpretation.