Mailvox: this church is not dead

A reader emails to confirm that the Southern Baptists are not necessarily impressed by proposed SBC resolutions:

I am member of a Southern Baptist church in Arizona, a small church whose pastor delivers spiritually meaty sermons with isn’t afraid to tell people unpleasant truths.  Your articles on the resolution directed against the Alt-Right and nationalism had me worried, as I have no desire to see my church or those like us converged.  I went to church today praying for the right words to talk to my pastor about this issue.

After the sermon, my fears have been quelled, as shades of the Alt-Right were present throughout it.  Our pastor talked about nations, not about some vague global community.  He spoke in favor of using mockery against the enemies of God and the modern false prophets.  He warned against letting political correctness stop us from defending the Gospel.  He even used the words “I don’t care” in regards to those who disagree with him on national-spiritual matters, which brought a smile to my face.

I don’t know how this resolution will play out and what it means for Southern Baptists as a whole, but I do know now that we aren’t all lost. Thank you for the community you provide at your blog.

Remember, no matter how bad things get, the battle isn’t over and there is no reason to accept defeat. Only two numbers matter, 2 and 12. Because one plus one is three and all we need are twelve.