Guess who’s back?

Milo Yiannopoulos is back with what is, incontrovertibly, the most controversial book of the decade, DANGEROUS.

A few other sundries. First, I was pleased, and flattered, to learn that the Injustice Gamer has published his Dragon Award thoughts and is recommending John C. Wright’s SWAN KNIGHT’S SON for Best YA novel, and my own A SEA OF SKULLS for Best Fantasy novel. I’ll be publishing my own list later this week, but you can be fairly confident that you’ll find me in agreement with those two well-considered recommendations.

Second, John C. Wright fans will be pleased to learn that THE GREEN KNIGHT’S SQUIRE will be available very soon in hardcover. This is the trilogy that includes the aforementioned, plus FEAST OF THE ELFS and SWAN KNIGHT’S SWORD. We will also have the third Good Guide, PUSH THE ZONE, out in paperback within a week.

Third, the Divine Right team is looking for another volunteer programmer or two. The team lead has put together the following list of requirements.

  • Realistic ability to commit to minimum 5 hours per week for a year.
  • Real-world C# experience (doesn’t have to be professional paid work but something beyond a how-to course or youtube video).
  • Ability to work independently and take the initiative.

Those are the must-haves. He said it would also be desirable to have one or more of the following:

  • Unity
  • Entitas or working knowledge of MVC or ECS Architecture
  • Shader experience
  • AI experience

So, if you want to get some game dev experience with a real team working on a real game that people actually want, this is a good way to acquire it. If you’re interested, email me with DRDEV in the subject.

And fourth, the May Brainstorm will be tonight. Invites will be out within an hour. Sorry for the delay, but we’ve been extremely busy getting no less than five books ready to go out the door in the next two weeks.