NOW IN PRINT: Rocky Mountain Retribution

In the post-Civil War West, the railroads are expanding, the big money men are moving in, and the politicians they are buying make it difficult for a man to stand alone on his own. So, Walt Ames moves his wife, his home and his business from Denver to Pueblo. The railroads are bringing new opportunities to Colorado Territory, and he’s going to take full advantage of them.

Ambushed on their way south, Walt and his men uncover a web of corruption and crime to rival anything in the big city. And rough justice, Western-style, sparks a private war between Walt and some of the most dangerous killers he’s ever encountered, a deadly war in which neither friends nor family are spared. Across the mountains and valleys of the southern Rocky Mountains, Walt and his men hunt for the ruthless man at the center of the web. Retribution won’t be long delayed… and it cannot be denied.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN RETRIBUTION is the second book in The Ames Archives, the Classic Western series that began with BRINGS THE LIGHTNING. Author Peter Grant is a military veteran, a retired pastor, and the author of The Maxwell Saga and The Laredo Trilogy. Now in paperback for $12.99.

From the reviews:

  • Great reading even if you don’t regularly read Westerns…. As with Brings the Lightning, the technical details of rugged living, especially regarding firearms, make the novel that much more immersive. Don’t give this one a miss!
  • The second western by Peter Grant, it’s IMHO better than the first. I haven’t read many westerns since Louis L’Amour passed on, and none that were worth my time until these came along.
  • A nice continuation of a great western saga. Mr. Grant does his research and it shows in his writing. love the storyline, character development and action scenes.
  • This is the second of Peter Grant’s western series “The Ames Archives” and it’s fantastic. I never thought I’d like westerns, but this is a great book on grit and frontier justice. Grant takes pains to accurately portray life in that era using many real locations and historical events as backdrops to the story.
  • Grant has crafted another excellent throwback to the golden era of western novels. But it’s more than a throwback, really. The two books so far in his Walt Ames series really stand on their own as a solid reads, any way you want to measure them today. What really stands out at the forefront of this novel (and its predecessor) is how well researched it is. Grant took painstaking measures to make sure that all of the details, from the geography to the firearms, are completely accurate for the era. And the amount of detail provided is excellent. He doesn’t overwhelm us with historical details or exposition that overly explains things, but there’s plenty of detail to bring the world to life.