Calling out Comey

It appears the former FBI Director may have badly misplayed his hand when he raised the issue of his memos:

Yesterday, the New York Times reported that former Director Comey created memos regarding his interactions with President Trump, “a paper trail Mr. Comey created documenting what he perceived as the president’s improper efforts to influence an ongoing investigation.”‘ ‘The article stated that “Mr. Comey created similar memos – including some that are classified about every phone call and meeting he had with the president.” More generally, the article stated “Mr. Comey was known among his closet advisers to document conversations that he believed would later be called into question.” Presumably, this means that Mr. Comey created similar memoranda relating to other controversial conversations, whether with officials in the current administration or the prior one.

We are writing to request that the FBI provide the Committee with all such memos, if they exist, that Mr. Comey created memorializing interactions he had with Presidents Trump and Obama, Attorneys General Sessions and Lynch, and Deputy Attorneys General Rosenstein, Boente, and Yates regarding the investigations of Trump associates’ alleged connections with Russia or the Clinton email investigation. Please provide these documents by no later than May 24, 2017.

So, either Comey will be revealed as an unreliable source if he has no other memos, or he’s going to have to spill whatever dirt he’s been hiding in defense of Hillary Clinton to the Senate committee. What is interesting is that this is a bipartisan senatorial effort; further complicating the matter is the fact that recordings of some of these meetings may exist as well.

If Comey thought that he could damage the President by artful hintings and bluffing, it looks like he miscalculated.