Why boys don’t read books

It’s a deep mystery the publishing industry has simply been unable to unravel. The tweet was: A look at how YA fans are connecting with and inspiring today’s authors.

As a general rule, boys don’t read books written by women. Girls prefer books written by women, but they are more willing to read books written by men. It’s not really that hard to figure out why. Girls like both story and romance. Boys like story. Women like writing romance. Men like writing story.

On a tangential note, there was an unexpectedly strong response to the excerpt I posted from NO GODS, ONLY DEMONS the other day. Now, perhaps that was because people are less familiar with Cheah’s writing than mine or John Wright’s but I also realized that I seldom post excerpts from Castalia House books here. So, I’m wondering if that is the sort of end-of-day post you’d like to see here more often or if that would be an annoyance.

Excerpt posts are very easy, so I wouldn’t need to do it in lieu of other posting. Anyhow, let me know if you’d rather see a) more excerpts or b) no excerpts, and, if a), how often you’d like to see them. Our catalog is now at the point that even if we posted a daily excerpt, it would take us more than two months to get back to the first book, so anything from once a week to once a day is possible.