Happy Mother’s Day

Best wishes, heartfelt gratitude, and a Happy Mother’s Day to Spacebunny and all the dedicated mothers raising the next generation of the West. These brave women fight a daily war with those who would tear them down and destroy both them and their families that is too little recognized, and they often do so with very little emotional support from anyone. The home front is the first and most important front.

One thing the Alt-Right must never forget is that the restoration of Western Civilization depends upon convincing the mothers of the European nations to cast their lot in with us rather than with the barbarians and destroyers. It is essential not to get too caught up in bitterness over feminism or negative personal experiences, but rather, to focus on the long-term objectives. The dyscivilizationists won many women over to their side, and it is up to the eucivilizationists to win them back.

Even the rabbits of Watership Down understood that a society without mothers will not survive.