Fear of an Alternative Media

Media Matters is attempting to scare its readers again.

Then again, perhaps they are right to be scared. The chart below only includes YouTube, a medium which most of us evil Alt-Media types don’t even use. I mean, Media Matters doesn’t even mention Andrew Torba and Gab, despite it now being the most significant Alt-Media organization besides InfoWars. Nor do they mention Infogalactic, despite the rapid growth of Infogalactic News and Infogalactic Tech. Then again, I suppose their idea is to send an exciting little frisson of fear up the spine of their readers, not make them wet themselves.

What is a bit ironic is the fact that we learned the importance of this “incestuous” relationships from them. Specifically, from the Left’s portrayal of the New Atheists, aka The Four Horsemen of Atheism, who were never anywhere nearly as closely connected as the media made them appear, or as the Alt-Media actually is. I found it amusing that they don’t have me tied, even indirectly, either Mike or Milo, even though Milo wrote the Foreword to SJWAL, Mike wrote the Foreword to Cuckservative, and Castalia publishes one of Mike’s books. But then, as their YouTube chart tends to indicate, Media Matters is not the sort of organization filled with people who actually read books.