Too soon for France

The results of the French election will be announced soon, and I expect the globalists and their pet media to celebrate Macron’s victory in much the same way that they did when Golden Dawn was defeated in Greece and the Freedom Party was defeated in Austria. But they shouldn’t, nor should nationalists despair in the least, because this is not the election cycle in which Europe’s nationalists were expected to come to power.

I wrote this in 2015. It still applies today:

The Fascists and the National Socialists came to power in the 1930s because they were the most credible options available to the Italian and German publics at the time. Don’t confuse the beginnings with the ends; 1933 was not 1941 or even 1939. Fascists were not elected with the idea that they would throw in with German imperialism (it is usually forgotten that Mussolini was an ally of France and Great Britain and only threw in with Germany after Great Britain betrayed Italian interests), and the National Socialists were not elected because they promised they would invade the Soviet Union, slaughter the Jews in Eastern Europe, and get Germany into a war with the USA.

One can’t learn anything useful about the future prospects of revolutionary parties by what other revolutionary parties did AFTER they came to power, one can only learn about their prospects by looking at what the other parties were doing BEFORE they came to power.

The worst thing about the established anti-nationalist European parties is that they have failed so spectacularly that even the violently murderous anti-immigrant parties will be preferred to them by even the most sane and civilized elements of the electorate. In a time of invasion, it doesn’t matter how dangerous the only party willing to defend you might be, what matters is that they are the only ones willing to defend you, your family, and your children.

As for those who are historically ignorant enough to point out that Golden Dawn only won 18 seats in the Greek parliament with 7 percent of the vote and therefore will never come to power, I will type very, very slowly and point out that in 1928, five years before they took power, the National Socialist Workers Party won 12 seats in the German parliament with 2.6 percent of the vote.

Two election cycles. And then you will see an absolute sea change in Europe. And if the EU attempts to entirely abandon even the pretense of democracy in defense of the invasion, the change will come even faster. And harder.

What is remarkable about the election today is that the French people have already turned against the established anti-nationalist parties, rejecting both in the first round of voting. But while they are willing to reject both sides of the establishment, they are not yet ready to turn to the nationalists. In this, Macron plays much the same role as Trump; he is a nominal outsider who, despite his elite connections, was not a player in either establishment party.

Macron will fail abysmally, of course, which is why I expect the Front National, possibly led by Marine Le Pen’s more telegenic niece, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, to come to power in the next election cycle.

Americans who cannot fathom this reluctance to vote for the nationalists in light of the events in Paris and Nice would do well to recall their own history. Did Americans turn against immigration, foreign interference, and the establishment parties immediately after 9/11? Of course not. It took 15 years, and three full presidential cycles, before they were ready to turn to the God-Emperor, and even then it was a close-run thing.

National electorates are like very large ships. It takes them a while to change direction. But, once they genuinely turn – and I am not counting choosing one color faction of the bi-factional ruling party instead of the other – that’s when real and substantive change can take place.

Of course, I could be wrong. And if I am wrong, and Marine Le Pen does manage to pull of an upset today, that will send a absolutely cataclysmic message to the masters of the collapsing European Union.

UPDATE: The current count shows 61 percent to Macron and 39 percent to Le Pen.