Not really a problem

Apparently we’re all supposed to be terrified by “de-policing”, or in other words, the police actually showing restraint rather than immediately shooting everything and everyone in the vicinity because someone made them feel a little nervous:

Such factors have “had the effect of ‘de-policing’ in law enforcement agencies across the country, which assailants have exploited.”

The report cited an example in which an officer was slammed to the ground and beaten but refused to shoot the assailant “for fear of community backlash.”

“The officer informed the superintendent that the officer chose not to shoot because the officer didn’t want his/her ‘family or department to have to go through the scrutiny the next day on the national news,’ ” the study said.

Once you understand that the police are neither there to stop crime nor protect you, your reaction to de-policing is pretty much the exact opposite of the one the media wants you to have.

It really isn’t anyone’s problem if a few more gang members shoot each other than they would have or not. The police are never going to solve that problem. It’s like worry about whether someone else puts a band-aid on a gaping wound. Put the band-aid on or not, it’s simply not going to make any difference in the end.

Crime or no crime, who is going into diversity city anyhow?