Antifa and the unamenable authority

Antifa is upset about the fact that the Alt-Right is both a) law-abiding and b) working closely with the police to disrupt their criminal and terrorist activities.

Recently, Denver’s antifascists kicked off what will hopefully be an aggressive campaign against alt-right infiltration of their community. During a demonstration against Turning Point USA and their guest speaker, Ivan Throne, five antifascists were arrested, at least three of whom spent the night in jail. Independent media group Unicorn Riot was there to capture the unfolding events.

As part of their coverage and analysis, UR mentioned a convoluted tangle of associations between the police and the conference attendees, which vaguely hints at underlying conflicts of interest for law enforcement officials who defend pro-Trump individuals and organizations.

The Denver Police Department appears to, at the very least, have a vested interest in pushing the agenda of the Trump administration, and therefore its supporters. But this is no dimly-lit conspiracy orchestrated behind closed doors; this is the expected, natural course of events during times of proletarian insurgency and fascist uprising, demonstrated throughout the 20th century. To understand this dynamic, the following essay will vivisect what will be referred to hereafter as “essential collusion,” a repressive form of symbiosis between the state, a far-right entity, and the public supporters of both.

It might seem a bit ironic that the state-worshippers of the Left are attempting to complain about the state actually fulfilling its primary role of maintaining public order, but then, if they were intellectually coherent, they wouldn’t be antifa. And nothing upsets leftists and SJWs like the knowledge that the authorities aren’t running cover for them.

They’re particularly concerned about Ivan Throne and Violent Solutions, because they know that they can’t operate effectively if they are systematically unmasked and identified.

Most recently, Ivan has unveiled a project entitled “Violent Solutions,” which at first analysis appears to merely be a database through which antifascists will be identified and reported to the FBI. Although mostly empty bluster (like everything Ivan does), this eventuality presents a unique threat to Antifa in Trump’s America: this is a concrete example of essential collusion between the state and the far-right. Communication between America’s police, military, and intelligence community is at an all-time high, with various state organs sharing information even with completely unrelated sister forces. Arrests are made public, with the suspect’s full name handed out to multiple agencies and, most importantly, to the alt-right, whose main weapon continues to be the threat of doxxing. 

It’s cute that they think “the threat of doxxing” is our main weapon. Sure, doxxing is probably sufficient to get Mommy and Daddy to cut them off, or for their university to terminate their part-time teaching contract, but that’s mostly projection on their part. It’s also amusing that they can’t resist their urge to minimize and discredit even while trying to paint the subject as a dire and pressing threat.

No doubt the police will be interested to know that antifa has concluded that, like Black Lives Matter, they have no option but to wage war against the police.

There is no plausible route forward that does not include, not just resisting, but actively opposing the efforts of the police. Not only are they vocally supported by the regime, but the very authority with which they simultaneously abet the alt-right while restraining social movements is granted by the state itself. Their monopoly on violence, their access to military equipment, their communication with intelligence agencies, and their carte blanche regarding brutality are symptomatic of their ultimate function: maintaining the status quo.