Blame the blameworthy

JM is disappointed in Ann Coulter’s decision to cancel her speech at Berkeley:

Ann Coulter has proven herself to be Ted Cruz; acts tough, promises to be a general and lead the charge, yet when the troops have their arms ready and are awaiting the command she chickens out. It’s not that people like her can’t be an ally, it’s that they can’t be trusted to stand their ground when things get tough. So if she doesn’t want to lead the charge others will just take over that responsibility from her.

TLM, on the other hand, is not:

I consider this a tactical retreat. Anne has been a more than a worthy adversary to Satan and his minions. I do not begrudge her for not being a point man in a scenario that had a very good probability of seeing violence. Anne is scrawny and probably represents Double XP to some antifata coward. We need some one like Mike to go there. Some that can take and give a punch. 

My perspective is closer to Q’s:

I don’t know, if you emphatically, publicly. state over and over that the speech will go on, no matter the cancellation, then the speech should go on. Hire Blackwater if need be, but to cancel like this at the last minute, really does give victory to mere threats of violence. To claim it doesn’t is to lie to oneself, or others…. ANTIFA was just handed a victory of enormous value. They punked the entire right, that is how they will see it. They were allowed to do so because the right has no real leadership at this time. My goodness, David French at NRO is simply beside himself with the possible ramifications of all this..he might do something rash, and tweet out a cuss word or something. Vox was absolutely right, Ann was betrayed by “conservatives”, until they are pushed out of the way, the left will continue to advance. Even with the GOP holding complete power over the federal govt, the left advances…while “conservatives” cower. Every site today on the right is lit up with: ought to, should be, there needs to be, why isn’t, how come, where is..” People are still in a state of mind that leads them to believe there is an “authority” that will stop all this unrest. they voted for law & order after all. When the entire point of ANTIFA is to make their vote meaningless.

That being said, I don’t blame Ann in the slightest for cancelling after being betrayed by her so-called allies who invited her. She’s not a general, she doesn’t promise to be, and while she is somewhat of an opinion leader, she has never built any sort of organization around her like the Proud Boys, the Dread Ilk, or Violent Solutions.

Did she talk a little tougher than she was able to back up? Yes, but then, what do you expect? She’s a woman, and women should not be leading these things. They will always tend to shrink from potential violence and fail to anticipate it because it is not really part of their world. Moldilocks wouldn’t have been out to collect 100 Nazi scalps if she’d believed for a second that a man might retaliate and hit her back.

In the meantime, I’m glad to see Gavin, Brittany, and the others are going to make an appearance and take on Antifa. I expect the VFM and Ilk who will be there to have their backs.