All your youth are belong to us

The Left is freaking out over the inevitable rise of the Alt-Right:

Can’t believe that the Alt-Right is even a FUCKING THING.

Seriously what the fuck happened? This, the internet, was supposed to be OUR platform. We were the ones who were going to change the world and, now? Now you have a bunch of younger people interested in right-wing politics? Just what the FUCK happened?

Another question, what year is it? Oh that’s right, IT’S 2017, and there are STILL people whose worldviews shift right.


He can’t run.
He can’t hide.
He gets helicopter ride.

Eventually, people notice. Eventually, people see through the mass of lies they have been told. And it’s often the young men who see through them first. The Left’s worldview is false. The Conservative worldview is false. The Libertarian worlview is false.

And that is why the Alt-Right will win out in the end, so long as it continues to maintain a political philosophy in line with history, science, reason, and truth.

We are the philosophy of Truth and Beauty. That is a winning combination.