Cerno comments on 60 Minutes

Don’t judge by theory, judge by the metrics. Mike pointed out in the comments here that his counterintuitive decision to go on 60 Minutes was clearly justified by the results.

Left wing Twitter expected me to be savaged last night, and you know what they did….They went silent on me because I won and are pissed at 60 Minutes and Pelley. The #1 blog on Buzzfeed today was about how I won. This was quite clearly a major win by all metrics.

I tend to agree. As I mentioned in the Darkstream last night, it’s very easy to see why Mike was justified in deciding to make an exception for 60 Minutes. Some statistics from Periscope:

2d ago 60 Minutes questions 6.5k viewers
1d ago Cernovich watches 60 Minutes special on fake news 65k viewers
18h ago #voxday Too big to ignore 838 viewers

 As I always say, Mike knows what he’s doing when it comes to the media. Mike not only popped his Periscope viewership by 10x overnight, people are now FAR more interested in getting his viewpoint than, for example, mine, as a result. That is not the hallmark of someone who does not know what he is doing.

Which is why, if your name is not “Mike Cernovich”, I strongly suggest you shut the fuck up about how to handle the media, especially if you find yourself tempted to criticize Mike’s media strategy. He knows the game, he knows how to play it, and he knows when to make exceptions to the general rules. You don’t.

Would I have gone on 60 Minutes? No. Would I have advised Mike to do so? No. And that is one reason why Mike’s recent Periscope has 65k viewers and my most recent one has 838.