Mailvox: in feeble defense of Keynes

I don’t think Art Deco quite understands where he is.

What’s the point of slamming Keynes? Keynes is notable as a progenitor of a nexus of macroeconomic models. Macroeconomics has some trouble settling on a consensus model. It’s neither necessary nor proper to attack his integrity.

First, Art Deco is wrong. Second, he is WAY out of his league here. Keynes had zero integrity – he claimed to have abandoned his theory of money in between its publication and the published rebuttal by FA von Hayek in order to avoid having to answer the latter –  he was incredibly intellectually dishonest, and his General Theory was little more than rehashed Freudian nonsense dressed up in math-sounding economics.

The only reason it became popular is because it gave politicians an excuse to do what they wanted – spend money.