Clinton’s office covered for pedophile

No doubt this news will deeply shock everyone, especially those who are familiar with the term “Pizzagate”:

“Inspectors learned in conversations with Department employees…that in some cases superiors in [diplomatic security] and in senior levels of the State Department have prejudiced the commencement, course and outcome of [special investigations division] investigations,” the early draft said.

“Sources referred to [diplomatic security] sometimes circling the wagons to protect favored [diplomatic security] rising stars from criminal charges or from embarrassing revelations that could harm a promising career,” the draft continued.

“One case, which triggered outraged comment from several [special investigations division] sources, relates to allegations that a Regional Security Officer engaged in serious criminal conduct including sexual abuse of local embassy staff during a series of embassy postings. Sources also reported that a senior [diplomatic security] official successfully protected some agents on the Secretary’s Detail from investigations into misbehavior while on official trips,” the November 16 draft said.

It is unclear why this critical text was stripped from the report before the inspector general published it in February 2013.

Another passage that was removed from the public report suggests officials in Clinton’s office may have protected an ambassador from a child abuse investigation.

“Sources reported that a senior ‘7th Floor’ Department official ordered [diplomatic security] to stop the investigation of an ambassador accused of pedophilia, and another such senior official had [diplomatic security] stop an investigation of an ambassador-designate,” the draft reads.

The seventh floor is the location of the secretary of state’s office, as well as the offices of the deputy secretary and the undersecretaries, according to the State Department’s website. If any of these details were removed because of exculpatory information, this is never stated.

The same section of the final report, titled “Need for Independence,” makes no reference to the pedophilia allegations or the sexual abuse charges that were covered up by State Department staff.

Notice that these pedophilia allegations keep popping up around people associated with Hillary Clinton? And notice how “stopping the investigation” rather than “investigating” is always the absolute top priority whenever allegations are made?

Curiouser and curiouser.

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