Fake News, Fake Views

The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Guardian, and other opposition media sites appear to be buying a significant percentage of their site traffic from China in order to preserve an appearance of relevance.

These dramatic increases in traffic have significantly bumped each site’s Alexa ranking by as much as 38%, a key metric used in website valuation. Of note, BBC.com experienced a similar boost, and others may have as well.

Not to overstate the obvious, but considering China’s ban on the New York Times, one might conclude that this massive increase which now accounts for nearly half of all website traffic is some type of high volume traffic generating bot server unimpeded by China’s restrictive firewall, synthetically inflating visitor counts for affected sites.

All three news outlets spent much of 2016 trying to influence the election in favor of Hillary Clinton with biased coverage and regular hit pieces against Donald Trump. Since winning the election, President Trump has declared war on much of the mainstream media – branding it the “opposition party,” while remaining under heavily biased attack. China is no fan of the US President either; between the threat of tariffs and Trump’s disregard for the long held “One China” policy over Taiwanese recognition, China has both economic and political reasons to try and mitigate the US President’s tough talk.

 Alexa is easily manipulated. Bot servers aren’t necessary. With the help of a handful of Dread Ilk, I goosed the US rank of VP 25,000 spots and put it into the top 5,000 back in 2014. It’s readily apparent that the Fake News is desperate to maintain the illusion of their importance, which is why they have now resorted to reporting Fake Views.

To put into perspective how obviously fake their increase in traffic has been, the New York Times‘s percentage of total site traffic from China has gone from 5.1 to 49.2 percent in just two months. That’s amazing, considering that the Carlos Slim blog has been blocked in China since 2012. In like manner, the Washington Post‘s Chinese traffic has risen from 2.9 to 58.7 percent, and the Guardian‘s from zero to 57 percent in the same two-month period.

The SJW Narrative is all lies, all the way down. Never, ever, accept anything they tell you at face value. As per the 3rd Law of SJW, when they said to “question everything”, they were projecting.

UPDATE: Busted! This is the New York Times’s Alexa rating over the last year. Apparently someone thought better of artificially inflating their traffic with fake views from China. The very same pattern can be seen with the other opposition media sites outed by Zerohedge.