The first million is always the hardest

Congratulations to the Castalia House team, as the site passed one million WordPress pageviews earlier today. Jeffro has done a phenomenal job of assembling a crack team of diverse bloggers, who focus on everything from pulp SF to wargames.

Today, for example, Morgan tears the corpse of the execrable Damon Knight, the founder of SFWA, a new one for his shamelessly hateful reviews, while yesterday Rawle Nyanzi defended backstories from the assault of fellow Castalia blogger Jasyn Jones, who shared his vision of a world ruled by the Pulp Revolution.

And that’s just this weekend! We have not even begun to touch upon Blog Editor Jeffro Johnson’s response to critics who seek moderation in the SF/F cultural war, Nathan’s review of Yoshiki Tanaka’s Legend of the Galactic Heroes, or Brian Renninger’s exploration of a naval Napoleonic role-playing game from 1978.

Excellence in esotericism could well be the motto. Either way, if you’re not reading it regularly yet and you have even a modicum of interest in SF/F, I can assure you, you’re missing out. I suspect the second million will arrive rather more quickly.

UPDATE: As per a reader’s suggestion, we have moved the blog to the main page in order to make it easier to find on the site. If you maintain a regular link to the blog, you should adjust the URL accordingly.