Looking good at the DNC

It appears the Democrats are choosing between a black Muslim and a Hispanic bureaucrat to lead their futile midterm charge against the God-Emperor:

Democratic Party activists who tried unsuccessfully to sink Hillary Clinton’s nomination at last year’s convention are at it again, pestering national party members ahead of next week’s vote on a new chairman.

Party leaders are eager to incorporate the energy of progressives who buoyed Sen. Bernard Sanders’ presidential campaign last year — but less enthusiastic about the activists’ rough edges that continue to irk many Democratic National Committee members.

They say the phone calls to lobby for Rep. Keith Ellison, the choice of progressives, over Tom Perez, viewed as the establishment choice, are out of control.

Whites no longer need apply. If you’re a white American and you still support the Democratic Party, you really are stupid. But then, I suppose to call a Democrat stupid is redundant; the average Democrat IQ is now south of 100.