Mailvox: Alt-Right allies

Because of the rise of the Alt-Right around the world, it is not going to be possible for SJWs and cuckservatives to continue to deny the fact that the Alt-Right is neither Neo-Nazi nor White Supremacist, but a broad-spectrum nationalist movement that upholds the rights of Europeans and white Americans to self-determination, freedom of association, and self-defined nationalism.

White nationalism is Alt-Right. Imperialist Teutonic supremacism is not. Anti-globalism is Alt Right. Eine Welt, Ein Reich, Ein Gedanke is not.

Scriba Dei writes of his experience being a black man who is largely in agreement with the Alt-Right, and how he was treated by racist white SJWs as a result.

I wrote for a SJW converged website. Theoretically, the site claims to be politically neutral and welcoming of all perspectives among its writers on one condition: they must be written politely, without purposeful intent to insult or deride any one group or individual.

Failure to heed the rule results in progressive sanctions up to and including a permanent ban.

I am sure you understand how this rule works in practice, for its conservative writers: they constantly walk on eggshells, in a world where only the cuckest of the cucks can seemingly escape unscathed.

And so it came as no surprise that the SJW inner circle was not too happy about my surging popularity by pimping alt-right talking points to their cucky conservative readership. Even for this group, the ideas we peddle proved too seductive, and as it turns out, I have been marked for deletion.

Now, being Black allowed me to get away with far more than the average Straight White Male writer could. But in the end, as one of my last pieces for them made it clear, there is no reasoning with the left. If you break the narrative, you get slashed. I was a thorn in their side, constantly reminding them that nope, these beliefs are not the domain of mindless, hateful, neo-nazi Supremacists and they were the mindless ones for denying them; and in the long run, the heartless ones, too.

No matter how nicely said–how well sourced–my pieces were, they suddenly became offensive in and off themselves, regardless of intent. And so I’ve been thrown out the window.

The last time we spoke, you said something which marked me: it is important for those of us who couldn’t as easily be dismissed as Nazis and supremacists to serve as allies for the Alt-Right.

In my own small way, I’ve decided to do it. I know that the usual suspects will have dismissed my last mail to you as a sham; I’ve made it a little harder for them to do so this time.

Remember, cucky, if you criticize him or what he is saying, you’re raciss! So brave. Thank you for this.