The return of the Red Horse

Nick Cole announces Riding the Red Horse, Vol. 2:

Tom Kratman and I have approached Castalia House with an idea put forth in this blog last week about doing a California Secession Anthology:  and it’s a go!

It’ll be the next installment of Kratman’s Riding the Red Horse anthology and it will focus on a fictional successful Secession of California and resulting Civil War within the US.  Currently we’re developing a timeline for the conflict with the assistance of an MI Officer who had POTUS level briefing access during the Iraq war.

Once the timeline is completed we’ll be inviting a Dream Team of today’s best MilSciFi and Science Fiction authors to game the ruination of the Golden State within short stories set against the backdrop of the conflict.  We expect controversy to accompany the launch as the real-time craziness of the current culture war probably spirals into a mess no one could’ve conceived.  But controversy sells and we’re stubborn enough to try, so… game on.

And if you look in the comments, you’ll even be able to see who a few of the contributors will be.