Nationalism intensifies

Geert Wilders and the Party for Freedom are rising to power in the Netherlands:

A shocking new poll has been released in the Netherlands. According to Kantar Public, PVV has opened a large lead over the second largest party in the polls, the VVD, which is currently part of the governing coalition. This makes Wilders the absolute favorite to succeed current Prime Minister Mark Rutte as the political leader of the country.

According to the Kantar Public poll, the PVV would get 35 seats in the 150-seat Dutch Parliament if elections were held today. By Dutch standards, that’s an impressive result. This is especially true because of the significant gap between PVV and the VVD. The party led by current Prime Minister Mark Rutte wold have to settle for a mere 22 seats, 19 fewer seats than they currently occupy.

Yes, they’ll face obstacles in the Dutch Parliament. But the more the other parties resist the will of the Dutch people to Make Holland Great Again, the more power PVV will have.

The globalist monstrosity known as the European Union will fall. The European nations will be restored and cleansed. The pendulum is swinging back, and it is going to swing back hard. And while there will be bloodshed, never forget that all the responsibility, and the moral culpability, falls on the evil people who took advantage of the positive socionomic mood to encourage multiculturalism, societal adulteration, and literal invasion.

One should never confuse the surgeon who excises a cancer with the assailant who stabs with the intent to kill. One is attempting to save, the other is attempting to slay.