Alt-Right banned by Reddit

Reddit banned the Alt-Right subreddit today.

This community has been banned

This subreddit was banned due to a violation of our content policy, specifically, the proliferation of personal and confidential information.
Banned 2 hours ago.

My reaction? So what? What else did you expect? Every SJW-converged organization is eventually going to ban every group and individual to the right of CNN. Don’t be surprised, be prepared. You can be certain that r/The_Donald is next.

This blog is on Blogger, it has been on Blogger since 2003, but I back it up every week because I don’t know when SJW convergence will overcome the corporate objectives. At this point, Google and Amazon are SJW-amenable, but they are not yet fully converged because they are more interested in making money than in thought-policing. I still have Facebook and Twitter accounts, but I don’t use either them because they are converged to the point of uselessness to me.

Whatever absurd reason Reddit gives doesn’t matter. If the SJWs there can’t find an excuse, they’ll manufacture one. Andrew Torba managed to get his account banned from Twitter when he hadn’t even logged into it for months; he had, quite literally, done nothing at all.

Don’t whine, cry, or complain. Build your own institutions. Support the Alt-Tech organizations. You simply cannot expect to successfully lobby an authority that not only is not amenable, but is actively hostile to you, your beliefs, your nation, and everything you value.