Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court


Two high-ranking administration sources have confirmed to Independent Journal Review that President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick is Colorado Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Gorsuch, who recently traveled to Washington, D.C., was put on Trump’s short list for the appointment after he met with the then-president elect after the 2016 election.

Speaking on background, an administration source instrumental to the SCOTUS selection process tells IJR, “Yes. It is Gorsuch. 100 percent. The Hardiman thing is a head fake.” Thomas Hardiman is the other Judge Trump was considering for the vacancy, who is also in Washington, D.C.

A second source within the Trump administration confirmed IJR’s reporting.

The source claims that Judge Gorsuch will join the president Tuesday night at the White House at 8 PM for the announcement.

He looks pretty good, better than Hardiman, actually.

Gorsuch has made some past statements that seem to indicate how he would make major Supreme Court decisions. Most notably, he has praised the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s dedication to “textualism,” or the interpretation of laws based on the actual text rather than trying to decipher the “intent” of lawmakers or other potential consequences.

“Judges should instead strive, if humanly and so imperfectly, to apply the law as it is, focusing backward, not forward, and looking to text, structure, and history to decide what a reasonable reader at the time of the events in question would have understood the law to be,” Gorsuch said in a speech to Case Western Reserve University’s law school shortly after Scalia passed away.

Further, Gorsuch can also be described as a constitutionalist and adheres to “originalism” when interpreting the U.S. Constitution. In other words, he believes the Constitution should be interpreted as America’s founders intended.

UPDATE: Confirmed. It is Gorsuch.

UPDATE: Some big stories being hidden under the main news story. It looks like H1B visas will come with a minimum salary of $130k. That’s massive. Also, the administration has made it clear that it does not intend to permit the percentage of the population of Muslim to rise; it does not want to see the permanent problems that France and Germany have been experiencing for generations in the USA.